Safety at schools

A safe, fear-free environment is required to allow uncontrained learning.

Schools must be safe. From classroom to auditorium, from the gym to  the secretary’s office. They need to be safe both on ordinary school days and in emergencies.

The use of communication systems in the security concept plays a key role in this regard, as these systems aid in and significantly accelerate both comprehension and crisis management  procedures. School administrators and politicians are grappling ever more intensively with this issue.

We have felt strongly about safety in schools for a long time. We have been implementing integrated, customised safety and communication solutions for over 80 years.

And we are proud to be able to draw on our technical expertise and the know-how we have acquired over the years to create acoustic solutions that make both teaching and learning safer.

Our holistic security concept, developed specifically for schools, includes an integrated alarm and communication system through which...

  • emergencies are immediately reported to a central location
  • the nature and extent of the danger are verified via voice communication,
  • announcements and instructions are transmitted audibly to all persons in the building, and
  • measures to assist and protect students can be taken immediately
  • holistic monitoring of the system is possible, and
  • the system can also be profitably for internal everyday communication

In short: the functional combination of an intercom and voice alarm system makes it possible to achieve maximum safety.

Download our Safety at schools brochure or contact us for more information!


Analogue emergency wall-mounted station

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Developed according to DIN VDE V 0827
  • Vandalism-proof (IK10) / IP65
  • 2 call targets can be programmed
  • Emergency call button protected by a glass pane
  • Information call button


Barrier-free IP door station

  • Provides a barrier-free access to public buildings in accordance with the German Equal Opportunities for people with Disabilities Act
  • Vandal-resistant (IK07)
  • 3 status LED for visualisation of calling / conversation / door opening
  • Integrated Induction Loop Amplifier
  • Integration into existing IP network
  • Independent IP technology means no cost for additional central equipment, modules or licenses
  • High voice quality (HD Voice)
  • PoE

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