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TOA presents flexible audio and evacuation solutions


TOA Electronics Europe GmbH presents a range of high quality audio and voice evacuation solutions. Their latest technical innovations, as well as years of experience, means TOA’s new products easily integrate with existing systems and components. (...)

Tags: VX-3000 Voice Alarm System, IP-3000 Network Public Address System, MX-6224D Digital Mixer Amplifier, MA-725F Multi-Channel Matrix System, AM-1 Array Microphone

TOA introduces a new voice evacuation system


TOA Electronics Europe presents the VX-3000 system, a combined highly integrated voice evacuation and public address system. TOA’s expanding portfolio of cleverly designed products shows their inventiveness, technical expertise and extensive experience, whilst their high quality innovations have led them to over 80 years of success. (...)

Tags: VX-3000 Voice Alarm and Public Address System, space saving, reducing cable complexity, rapid system configuration, flexible system architecture

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